1. Tensile Testing Machine.

    Brief Description

    Computer controlled.
    Loading through electro-mechanical system.
    Optional manual mode of operation.


    Make & Model : M/s Instron Ltd., UK, 4483
    Load Capacity : upto 100 kN
    Cross Head Speed
    (Strain Rate)
    : 0.05 to 500 mm/min
    Sensitivity : 0.05%

    Salient Features

    • Tensile test as per ASTM standard E 8-89b.
    • 3 point bend test as per ASTM standard E 855-90.
    • Strength of fibers, plastics and rubbers as per ASTM E 345-87.
    • Bond strength of ASTM standard C 633-79.
    • Compressive test as per ASTM standard.

  2. Torison Testing Machine
    • fine spavy associates & engineers pvt ltd produces torsion testing machines in capacities from 10 kg m to 200 kg m and are suitable for testing metallic bars, rods in round as well as flat shapes under torsion. The torque versus angular twist can be obtained. Wide ranges available on the machine enable the measurement of torque within ± 1%. The measurement of torque is done on the principle of the pendulum dynamometer. In order to accommodate different sizes of specimens, suitable jaw inserts are provided and are useful for research laboratories, engineering colleges, and polytechnics.

  4. Chemical Laboratory for Testing Thickness and Weight of Zinc on Zinc Coated Material